Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Social Event of the Year: GarciaGate

Today, Lisa and I (and travelswithkuma, who wrote separately about it) went to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, where their upstairs Grand Hall was the site of #GarciaGate: the wedding of Chris Garcia and Vanessa Applegate. I, like about a hundred other people, took photos. Some I Tweeted at the time under the #GarciaGate tag.

Cake at #GarciaGate
The wedding cake.

Who's the Moderator at This Panel? #GarciaGate
"So who is moderating this next panel?"

Making it Official #GarciaGate
Making it official. The camera is not good at zooming.

Official #GarciaGate Photo Op
Official Photo Session after the ceremony.

Just the Three of Us
Vanessa announced, looking at her new husband significantly, that "The three of us will be very happy together!" to the cheers of the audience. All three were in this picture; Baby Garcia just isn't visible yet. Possibly I was the last to hear about this development, given what I heard from other people at the ceremony.

Let Them Eat Cake
Wedding Cake is cut and served.

Tossing the Bouquet #GarciaGate
Action photos in low light aren't something my camera does well, but here's the moment at which Vanessa tossed the bouquet.

First Dance #GarciaGate
The first dance.

These and the other photos I took are in my Flickr Album. As usual, they are creative-commons licensed should anyone want them.

We were grateful to have made the short list to attend the wedding, and were happy to be able to make the trip down from Nevada to attend.
Tags: garciagate
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