Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

In The Shop

The Rolling Stone has been deposited at Safari RV for them to reattach the steering stabilizer. Despite a later start than we wanted, we got the RV dropped with enough time for us to go over to the Atlantis, where they are running a current promotion for 2-for-1 lunch on Wednesdays even for entry-level members of their affinity program like me. (I'll be really surprised if I ever accumulate enough activity to graduate beyond level 1 of their five-level program.) So we had a good lunch for only $17 (before tip) for the both of us, and thus didn't have to eat dinner. On the way out, we turned $2 of free-play money into $1.75 of spendable money and quit, although not while we were ahead, as it only partially offset how much I spent on a keno ticket over lunch.

After some shopping (which took longer than I thought it would), we got home and I went back to work because I'd only actually logged six hours on Day Jobbe before we had to go into town. I got the item done that I had set myself the task of completing and it will be on the right virtual desk tomorrow morning.
Tags: casino, reno, rolling stone

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