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Thank You, Torcon

I have criticized Torcon 3 in the past, so I think it's only fair that I thank them for the check I received today. The convention is spending some of its remaining surplus funds on reimbursing the expenses that members of committee and staff incurred to attend pre-convention planning meetings. I attended one such meeting during the last year of the convention's planning. It was fortuitous timing: I was in the Detroit area working at my company's Auburn Hills MI office, and staying over the weekend during which there was a large committee meeting in Toronto. I took the train from Windsor to Toronto -- that was as much of an attraction as anything else, I must admit -- and shared a hotel room with Linda Ross-Mansfield and John Mansfield.

My incremental expenses -- that is, what it cost me to go from Detroit to Toronto; obviously my employer paid to get me to Detroit -- were reasonably well recorded, although finding receipts for things that old might have been challenging. When asked about my expenses, I itemized what I spent according to my files in Quicken (hooray for good record-keeping!), and T3 elected to reimburse me from those records.

Today I received a US dollar check for $240 in reimbursement of those travel expenses. I appreciate it.
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