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Installation Concern

Lisa examined how the RV shop reinstalled the steering stabilizer, and says that they didn't do it right.

What we have is a Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer. The left end (relative to the direction of travel) of the stabilizer should look like this:

Left End Bushing

The connection to the front end is via a bracket that goes between the two rubber bushings, visible in the photo below.

Climbing under the RV, I snapped this photo of the left end of the stabilizer:
Left End Bushing
The most glaring problem here is that one of the washers should be on the inside (toward the center of the vehicle) of the spring. Look at how he washers form a sandwich around the last coil of the spring in the photo of what the thing should look like, then compare how it's actually installed.

The problem here is that while the vehicle is somewhat more stable, without that other washer in place, it won't return to neutral quite as smoothly, because it's only working in one direction.

I called Safari RV this afternoon. We'll take it back to them a week from Monday (I can't go any sooner because I have to be in the Bay Area next week) with a print-out of what it should look like and see if they can put it right.
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