Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Threading the Needle

While there was snow (and chain controls) yesterday over Donner Summit and there is forecast to be snow again tomorrow (hooray!) there was no snow today. Indeed, it was a lovely day where spring has already sprung in the foothills (not good, actually) and the snow-covered trees at the higher elevations sparkled in the late-winter sun.

We got away from Union City late (11 AM), and our routing to visit my sister isn't the quickest route home, but we got home and unpacked the RV before 7 PM.

Tomorrow there is supposed to be more weather coming as far as Reno. I was originally supposed to take the Rolling Stone to the RV shop to have them look at that steering stabilizer again, but I may call them tomorrow morning and put it off until later in the week when there is neither snow nor rain in the forecast.
Tags: rolling stone, weather

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