Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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The Never-Ending Minor Cold

Darn it, this cold simply won't go away. The symptoms come and go, and for a day or two I feel better -- I went out and got a 6-km walk last night after work, although because I did it before dinner rather than after, it caused my blood sugar to go a little low -- then it comes back. I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy head. I'm reasonably functional, but not feeling too great. Fortunately, my director is pretty good about letting us work from home when necessary and practical. (Heck, she's working from home today.) I have two conference calls to do today, and some files that need reviewing

Fortunately for me, nothing today needs the one piece of software I cannot run here at home. It's a piece of modeling software for which the license is on a machine at work. For some reason, while machines on the network in the office, or even in our other offices like Portland, can 'hit' the license, people connecting through VPN, even if they can see the machine on which the license is installed, cannot 'hit' the license. The license-key management software vendor says it's the fault of the VPN software and the VPN software vendor says it's the fault of the license-key management software. IT support says they don't know how to fix this. Grr.

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