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Building Going Up

After innumerable delays, a new building (some sort of dollar store, I understand) is going up along Main Street in Fernley on the site of what I think used to be the Bank of America but which had been vacant for some time before we moved here. As of Sunday night all that was on the land was a large concrete pad, but the crews moved in yesterday morning and the pieces are going up like an Erector set fairly smartly.

Framework Going Up
Lisa and I usually walk to the post office (visible through the building site) after lunch. About 2PM on Monday, all of this had gone into place on the concrete foundation.

Dollar Store March 3
Here's how it looked after lunch today. One wall has already been put in place.

Dollar Store March 3
The roof runners are installed, but they started putting the walls up first, rather than working from the roof downward.

I guess it's a good thing to get some business back into downtown, but Lisa is worried that they've made the parking lot entrance too narrow. Hanneman's Towing Service (in front of which we were standing when we took these photos) expects to get some business from the inevitable accidents. The only good thing: the fire station and the paramedics are right next door.
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