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Rolling One More Step Forward

We drove the Rolling Stone to Reno today and had Safari RV look at it. The service manager initially did not understand the issue until we showed him the picture of how the two brackets are supposed to sandwich the stabilizing spring. He now agrees that there's a piece missing, but he'll have to order parts, so there was nothing that could be done today. We'll have to bring it back next week after he can get the parts. If it weren't for the fact that since they installed it initially, we think they should fix it, we'd order a new bushing kit from the manufacturer and do it ourselves.

After dealing with the RV shop, we drove over to the Atlantis and took advantage of the two-for-one lunch buffet offer running this month on Thursdays. Today's net gaming pretty much paid for the tip on lunch. The buffet food made sure that we did almost no impulse buys when going to Whole Foods, Grocery Outlet, and WinCo for our "big grocery" run, and traffic in the stores on a Thursday evening was relatively light.

One other errand was at Batteries Plus to buy a replacement for the battery in the computers' UPS, which failed last night. Replacing the battery also gave us an opportunity for Lisa to vacuum around and reorganize the cables in the computer area after we got home. As she put it, we're doing "spring cleaning" in late winter. Mind you, the weather seems like spring.

We also bought a large package of California poppy seeds, which we expect to plant over the weekend. Here's hoping we can raise a few of them. Last year's attempt was a complete bust, but I've been working on a section of flower bed for the past few months, pouring coffee grounds and other small compostables into it and tilling it regularly in an attempt to turn some of this dirt into soil.
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