Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Can't Plan That Far Ahead

I do so much wish I could settle my travel plans for this year's SMOFCon in Fort Worth. Tentatively, Lisa and I plan to drive, which is a long trip, and I'm still not certain I will have enough time off to make it happen. Our tentative plans had us coming through Las Vegas, where we would like to use my IHG points (and the one free night at any hotel in the group that I have banked) to stay a couple of nights at the Palazzo. If we could commit to specific nights now, I could take advantage of a one-day sale that IHG is running to use only 25K points (normally what it takes to book a Holiday Inn Express, and half the normal cost) to book a night there. If I could make that commitment, I'd probably book a three-night stay including the one-night-any-IHG offer. But unlike most point usages, point reservations at the Palazzo are non-refundable, so if we have to change our plans, I'd lose all of the points. I guess I'll have to just grit my teeth and wait until our plans solidify, probably after Worldcon.
Tags: hotels, smofcon

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