Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Train Jam at Fernley

This morning, we had a 4-for-1 special on trains here at Fernley, which is really something considering that there's only one main line and one full siding.

4 Trains in Fernley

In the center of this photo is Amtrak #5, the westbound California Zephyr, running at full speed about 30 minutes late heading for Reno. On the right in the foreground is the BNSF local, which was parked overnight in one of the "house tracks" (switching leads connected to the main line) across from our house. On the Fernley siding behind Amtrak is a Union Pacific stack train waiting for Amtrak to clear so they can continue east. To the left in the far distance (you may need to click through to Flickr and zoom in to see it) you can just barely see the headlight of the UP "Fernley Flyer" local, which had crept into Fernley siding and was sitting maybe 100 meters behind the stack train.

After Amtrak cleared, the stack train continued on its way, and the Flyer began switching local industries. A while later, the BNSF crew from Sparks arrived by van and took their train out to do their own switching. Fernley seems to be quite the hot spot for watching train action. Every time something like this happens, we're that much happier that we found this house.

The light is not what I would have liked, but you have to take these photos as they come.
Tags: "union pacific", amtrak, bnsf, fernley, trains

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