Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

To Union City via Reno and Sacramento

Lisa and I got off just in time to make the last of breakfast (and the first of lunch) at the Atlantis Buffet before making the trip over the top. (We were too busy in the 9 o'clock hour to note the Pi Day of the American Century, but I celebrated Pi Day by eating a slice of blueberry pie at the buffet. I paid for this with elevated blood sugar later, alas.) It is depressingly warm and muggy for mid-March, with nowhere near enough snow on the ground.

We visited my sister at the latest place at which she is staying (about which more later in a friends post) before heading toward the Bay Area. Thanks to an arrangement I have with my mechanic, we were able to collect my Astro from the parking lot next to his shop in Fremont tonight, and I'll go pay for it (and collect the other keys) on Monday at lunch. This makes it much easier for us to deal with errands Lisa and I will run tomorrow and for her to drive home at her relative leisure on Monday.

Technically, we could have stayed in the hotel just one night, but I'm glad to have taken two, although I'm somewhat bemused by being surrounded what seems to be a girls soccer tournament worth of hotel guests. However, soundproofing is good, and we're settled in for a two night stay. I'm too tired to write more tonight, however.
Tags: astro, hotels, lisa, vehicles, weather

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