Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Shopping Exercise

Lisa and I went out to do specialty shopping for which she was saving up, going first to Weird Stuff Warehouse and then to Fry's Electronics. My pedometer reads more than 15,000 steps today, most of which were on hard concrete floors. At one point, Lisa sent me off to sit in the Fry's cafe with travelswithkuma while she continued to look for specialty electronic connectors. We didn't necessarily get everything we set out to buy, but we got other things and they will be useful as well, such as a first aid cabinet (like the one we have at my office, albeit empty) that will do well (and cost less) as a medicine cabinet for our secondary bathroom at home.

I was grateful to get back to the hotel and order pizza. Tomorrow I will head off to Day Jobbe but Lisa can sleep in a bit, leaving later in the morning and thus missing both the Bay Area and Sacramento heavy traffic.
Tags: lisa, shopping
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