Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Very Long Day

I went to the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting yesterday (about which more when plans actually mature). When I left the meeting, it was already late afternoon, and when I got hung up in traffic trying to leave the Bay Area, I bailed out and went to have lunch/dinner at the new Fremont location of the Smoking Pig BBQ, where I had a good meal of fried catfish and waited out the traffic clog. But that means it was a very long drive home. Including a fuel stop at Lodi Junction, 20 minutes to visit my sister at the rehab hospital in Sacramento, and a coffee stop just before 10 PM at Colfax, I did not get home until just before Midnight. Lisa helped me unpack the Rolling Stone and I headed to bed as quickly as I could.
Tags: food, restaurants, rolling stone, sfsfc

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