Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Construction Report

In the week I've been away, construction has continued on Fernley's new downtown dollar store. Here are photos from the past two days of my walking past to and from the post office.

Walling Up The Dollar Store
There's now a wall separating the new store's parking lot from the fire station.

Boxes on the Roof
The boxes I showed a week or so ago must have been HVAC units, because they're up on the roof now.

Taking Shape
Workers continue to apply insulation and sheeting to the front of the building.

Glazing Filling In
The front doors and most of the front glass are now in place.

I'm taking these photos because I think someday I'm going to want to know what this spot was like when it was going up. I remember when it was a vacant lot. Before that, I'm told it held a Bank of America branch.
Tags: construction, dollar store, fernley

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