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Dollar For My Thoughts

It's been a few days since I last updated construction progress on the new dollar store, so here are some more photos taken over the past few days on my daily walk to the post office.

In the Black
March 25: the frontage continues to evolve.

Rocks On the Walk
March 27: Plywood sheets are going into place, with more piled on the front walk.

Dollar Store Facing
March 30: the sheeting goes up and the scaffolding comes down. Pallets of decorative rock appear to be staged to cover the plywood around the bottom of the building.

Signs of the Times
March 30: Installing the signage.

Signs of the Times
You can see the sign that will go up on the white pole sitting on a trailer.

If you're really interested in more of this, I've filed the construction photos in the sequence taken (newest first) in their own Flickr album.
Tags: "dollar store", fernley

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