Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not Trying to Fool Anyone

I contemplated posting something about how the Secret Masters of Fandom had declared the Real Hugo Award Shortlist (as they always do, don't you know; the voting is just for show) and that they were sending you've-been-nominated mail to the Sad Puppies Slate just to troll them. (As you may be aware, at least one of the SP slate claimed he didn't read the embargo notice and broke embargo on his own nomination. There may have been others, or at least a fair bit of nudge-nudge-I-can't-say-anything-until-April 4 stuff.) Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that such things would be taken Dead Seriously by the crowd who are utterly convinced that the entire system is corrupt, crooked, on the take, and that if anything other than what They Personally Like makes the ballot, it means that someone cheated.

Basically, I can't think of making up any screwy WSFS/Worldcon/Hugo story that isn't outrageous enough that there won't be people who start claiming that it is The Truth. Just look at how some people still seem to think that Scalzi is an admitted rapist because of their willful inability to recognize satire.
Tags: hugo awards, worldcon, wsfs
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