Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Let It Snow

I've been virtually tied to my computer for much of the past four days between The Hugo Awards and trying to get Day Jobbe stuff done, but one reason I have to get up at regular intervals is to put wood in the fireplace, because it has been cold the past few days. Yesterday afternoon, I went out and felt a few drops of cold rain, and looked off to the west.

Let It Snow
Sure enough, the storm that dropped enough snow over the Sierra to put chain controls over I-80 yesterday also put a light dusting of snow once again on the mountains that separate Fernley from Reno/Sparks.

The snow in the hills was still here this afternoon when Amtrak #6 came through, mostly on time, heading west. Any precipitation we can get is very welcome at this point.
Tags: fernley, weather

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