Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

2015 Business Meeting Updates

We have revised (not for the last time I expect) the Introduction to the Business Meeting article on the Sasquan web site. Things that I think are of special interest to people include:

  1. Only Attending, Military, and Young Adult members of Sasquan may attend the Business Meeting, make motions, participate in debate, and vote.

  2. Single-Day and Child convention memberships do not have WSFS membership rights. Section 1.5.7 of the WSFS Constitution gives the Worldcon committee the discretion to specify what rights each membership class other than Attending and Supporting members receives, and this year's Worldcon is following a practice consistent with most recent Worldcons.

  3. Supporting Members cannot attend the meeting (even if they have Single-Day memberships, see above and also Section 1.5.3 of the WSFS Constitution), but may submit proposals to the Business Meeting.

  4. Because of concerns about room capacity (see below) and because we currently have no idea how many members are going to exercise their right to attend the Business Meeting, there's a fair chance we may not be able to allow Single-Day members to even be in the room, but if we are able to admit non-voting members to the room, we're going to be strict about participation in a way that we never have been before. If we have to check credentials, we'll do so. I've appointed Joyce Reynolds-Ward as Sergeant-at-Arms and this is among her responsibilities.

  5. The meeting is not secret. The only restriction on non-members attending is capacity. We will be officially recording the meeting, and we will upload those recordings to YouTube as soon as bandwidth allows. That doesn't mean instantaneously. It will probably take several hours at least to pull the recordings out of the camera, convert them to the correct format, and upload them, even on a decently high-speed connection. There is currently no plan to live-stream the meeting, although this could change, as the new camera Lisa just bought does appear to have outputs that might be able to feed to something that could send the feed out live.

  6. My reading of the WSFS Constitution is that the Business Meeting, besides being the only required event at a Worldcon (Site Selection isn't an "event" in my formulation, and the Hugo Ceremony isn't required) outside of stuff about MPC meetings and other minor trivia, is also the only event at a Worldcon where we're not allowed to refuse entry to any qualified member who wants to attend. Even the Hugo Awards Ceremony can turn people away if the room overflows, but the Business Meeting cannot do so because it would violate the members' rights under our rules. This of course has never been an issue before and it's rare that more than about 2% of the qualified members want to attend. This year is looking so weird right now that we cannot as yet make an estimate of actual attendance with much confidence. Thus the currently booked room (300B) is subject to change, possibly on short notice due to changed circumstances. No change is intended maliciously, and any change on short notice at the convention will be publicized to the best of the convention's ability to do so.

  7. There are no proxies and no remote participation. You must be physically present in person to participate in the WSFS Business Meeting.

  8. The deadline for submitting proposals to the 2015 WSFS Business Meeting is August 6, 2015. Submit business to (That goes to me, the rest of the WSFS Business Meeting staff, and our division manager and vice chair above us.) Writing in advance to work out technical issues with your proposals is good. Submitting business earlier rather than later makes it easier on everyone.

  9. The Preliminary Business Meeting is Thursday, August 20, at 10 AM. The Main Business Meetings are Friday through Sunday, August 21 through 23, at 10 AM. Remember that Worldcon is Wednesday-Sunday this year, so the "usual" days shift one day forward.

If you think others care about this stuff, feel free to share it. There is nothing secret about this, and I don't want anyone confused or to have a plausible complaint about being excluded.
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