Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sorting the Video

Thanks to nojay and many other people's suggestions, I have a workable if not ideal solution to getting the MXF files out of the camera and into a format I can upload to YouTube (MP4). It's not a single-step solution, but it will work:

  1. Convert the MXF audio and video files to MP3/AVI (the Tencoder software does this; it took about 15 minutes to convert 68 minutes of SD video)

  2. Load the resultant AVI as video into Window Movie Maker, then "add music" to add the MP3 audio track

  3. Save the WMM file as an MP4 (this took 36 minutes to save a 68-minute SD video)

  4. Upload the file to YouTube (speed dependent upon connection, of course)

The camera breaks shots into "clips" even when you shoot continuously. We left the camera recording a clock to confirm its capacity of 68 minutes at standard definition on a 16GB card. That resulted in four video and eight audio (two stereo tracks) files. The final product of that 1600 MB raw video was a 181 MB MP4 file.

WSFS Business Meetings are likely to run ~3 hours per day, probably in 40-minute pieces. I do not intend to edit the pieces into one long file, but to upload each 40-minute chunk. I'm likely to have two computers with me at Sasquan, and we may be able to have one of the BM staff begin the conversion-to-MP4 process on the earlier pieces while the meeting is still going on, which will speed things up a bit.

While people hunt around for other solutions that may work more efficiently, it's a great relief to know that if nothing else works, I can do the work myself and won't have to pay a fortune for it.

As I mentioned, we're recording in SD, not HD, although the camera is capable of HD. It keeps the file sizes down and makes the uploads more manageable. I'm not terribly interested in HD video here; sound is one of the most important things here, not video. We understand that we can in the future get bigger cards and work in HD; however, currently, finances are strained to the max (note that $4K we dropped to get this far). We're planning in the future to also get a "proxy card" to create MP4 files on the fly straight out of the camera; however, this all costs money that we don't have. Lisa says, "I've already overdone; I'm not going to overdo more." Besides, we need to get a battery for the camera before the other accessories, and batteries for these cameras are not cheap.
Tags: business meeting, camera, wsfs
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