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House Arrest

The carpet cleaning went without incident. My neighbor agreed to park out back so that the cleaners could use both my parking space and his, which made it easier to get the "shiny black truck" parked where it needed to be. I commiserated with the Coit guy about Mexico's loss to Argentina in the World Cup, and he went about his business, bringing the steam-cleaning hose in through my bedroom window because that's the closest point to where he was able to park. Actually steaming the carpets may have taken only about fifteen minutes -- that equipment is very efficient. I signed off on the bill, he collected his stuff, I put the screen back in my bedroom window, and returned to the couch to let things dry.

The carpets have dried out a little bit, but will probably remain damp for the rest of the day. I have all of the windows open and fans going to try and keep the air moving through the house to dry things faster. Wouldn't you know that when I want a hot, dry day, I get a warm, humid one instead? Although the humidity might be local to the apartment, caused by all of the moisture in the carpet.

cherylmorgan reminds me I have it easy. In past years she has been the one dealing with the carpet guys, and we have done this earlier in the year, sometimes the week after Christmas when they often have a big sale because it's a slow week, which means it may be raining and cold instead. And that means the patio can't be used as temporary storage for chairs, file cabinets, coat trees, and the like. Of course, I'm still stuck here, mostly staying off the carpet, and I still have to move all of that stuff back inside before I go to BASFA tonight.

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