Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rotate 'Em

Lisa and I went to Reno/Sparks this afternoon, driving the Rolling Stone instead of the Astro, because I have not had the tires rotated since we bought the RV over a year ago, and 10,000 or so miles is too long to go without a tire rotation. Big O rotated the tires and confirmed that there were no signs of excessive wear or sidewall damage, and that the brake-shoe dust on the front wheels is not excessive, is something you can expect in the Ford E350, and that the brakes are fine.

Safari RV called to say that they finally tracked down the part that's missing from the front-end steering stabilizer. Because they're busy and I'm going to the Bay Area next week, I made an appointment with them for two weeks from today for me to bring it in to have the missing part replaced. We figure we can come in, leave the RV with them, walk to the Atlantis, have lunch (that's two-for-one lunch day at the buffet), then by the time we come back they should have it done (and we will have walked off part of the buffet, as it's about 2 km from the RV place to the Atlantis)>

Lisa is still not 100% mobile, so we cut short our errands and went home before doing a large-scale grocery shopping trip. She says that if necessary, we'll go back in on Saturday before I head down the hill on Sunday.

During the first year I had the RV, I spent 100 nights in it while working in the Bay Area. Assuming (optimistically) that I could find hotel rooms costing less than $80/night with tax, that means we reckon the vehicle has paid off its initial capital cost, although not all of the follow-on work that had to be done to make it fully roadworthy. This does of course ignore the fact that it costs twice as much to operate (it gets about half the mileage of the Astro), but it still has made a huge difference on the cash flow. Lisa and I are both happy that I have it.
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