Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Toxic Memes

There is a discussion going on at the Emerald City weblog that I find interesting (and have added several comments myself) about the honesty of reviews. The reason I think it's interesting is because there is an analogy to the idea that reviewers are "liars" and must be on the take. That analogy, which I discuss here, is this horrible idea held by some people in convention-attending fandom, that conrunners are raking it in under the table. This belief, which is difficult to refute because any evidence to the contrary is dismissed as "you would say that, wouldn't you?" can drive people like me to say, "What's the use? Why should I continue to knock myself out and beggar myself to put together events for people who think I'm only doing so to line my pockets?"

Similarly, why should people like cherylmorgan keep working at publishing a magazine when people just accuse her of being bribed by publishers and "making a fortune" in commissions. (Both accusations should be laughable, incidentally but for the fact that people keep making them.)
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