Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Match Game at Westercon: Call for Questions

Okay, folks, we've been scheduled to do three shows of Match Game SF at Westercon 68, and while I can and will recycle questions from past shows, I always prefer to use as many new questions as possible, so once again I turn to the readers to submit fill-in-the-blank questions for our next show.

MGSF is not a trivia contest. A bad question is "Albert Einstein said, 'God does not play ___ with the universe'" because it has only one possible correct answer. A good question is one that has multiple answers and makes people laugh just to hear it: "Albert Einstein said, 'God does not play dice with the universe; however, sometimes he does play ____ with it.'"

You can send your questions to me by using my LJ handle (this gets forwarded to me), or to kastandlee [at] I'll turn on comment moderation for this LJ post as well, so if you prefer to make it as a comment to this post, the questions won't be spoiled for everyone else.

Questions should preferably have something to do with SF/F/Fandom. References to Westercon and Worldcon and other conventions are good too.
Tags: match game sf, westercon

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