Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Missed a Pitch

Having logged more than 40 hours of work at Day Jobbe by late Thursday night, I was in a position to leave early Friday, at least after I dealt with a few last-minute brush fires supporting one of our European offices at the end of their day. (Which was something of an advantage, coming in at 6 AM Pacific Time.) So I got out of town at 10:30 AM and set off for home via Altamont Pass.

When I stopped for fuel at Lodi Junction on I-5, I got the message that due to a late cancellation (sorry, Mo!), there was a seat open for BASFA's baseball outing to see the SF Giants play on Friday night, and was I interested? Well, I would have been, but thanks to me being so efficient and all that, I was already a third of the way home, and I wasn't going to go back, Giants tickets or no. I sent my regrets, and considering that I missed a great game for the Giants including a grand slam from Casey McGhee in their 6-0 victory over the Miami Marlins, it turned out to be very regrettable.

(Lisa later told me that she would have had no problem with me spending the extra night in the Bay Area so I could see the Giants, which was nice of her.)

Day Jobbe caught back up to me at Lodi for a while, but the weather was nice enough that setting up the computer in the back of the RV for an hour wasn't a hardship.

I continued on to Sacramento and visited with my sister there for a half hour or so before the respiratory therapist came and shooed me out so he could help her with her breathing exercises. Kelli tells me that if all goes well, in a week they will remove the plug holding the tracheostomy open and seal it up so it can heal closed, which I'm told is relatively routine. She still has a long road to recovery, but she's improving all the time. Indeed, the latest problem was that she exercised her legs too vigorously and strained them. I can understand that; she's impatient to stop being a patient.

Despite the time I spent working on the road at Lodi Junction and with Kelli in Sacramento, I still got out of the Sacramento area before the worst of the Friday afternoon traffic formed, and it was a relatively routine drive home. Of course the days are much longer now, but I surprised Lisa by getting home before sunset.
Tags: baseball, basfa, family, work

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