Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Stabilizer Finally Fixed

Back in December, the steering stabilizer fell off of the RV, and the original fix was done wrong, resulting in the RV acting like it was always in a slight crosswind because it only corrected one direction. The shop had difficulty getting the parts they actually needed, and then there was some missed communication between them and me. Yesterday, everything finally came together. Lisa and I drove the Rolling Stone to Reno and left it at Safari RV, then walked to the Atlantis for lunch. (As usual, as long as the Atlantis does 2-for-1 lunches on Thursday, we try to make Thursday our day to do errands if I can get away from work long enough to do so.) Upon our return, the repairs were done.

Repaired RV Steeing Stabilizer
This is not precisely the way the manufacturer photo shows it, but it should work.

The RV drove much better going home. On a straight stretch of road, you can release the wheel and it will track completely straight, which makes the drive a lot less stressful than fighting a tendency to pull to one side for 300 miles.

Somewhat ironically, I won't need the RV for more than a month, because I am driving the minivan to the Bay Area for next week's work trip (I want to take it to my favored mechanic before the Spokane trip at the end of this month) and then I won't be in the Bay Area again for many weeks. On the other hand, if the repairs to the Astro don't go as planned, the Rolling Stone is our back-up vehicle for the Spokane-Portland-Seaside trip at the end of May. (It's expensive to drive at only 9 miles per gallon, but a comfortable ride.)
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