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Fixing a Hole

Some of you reading this may be aware that Westercon this year was obliged to go through a parliamentary back flip -- and some might say some specious reasoning -- to allow the two bids running this year onto the ballot. That's because of a drafting error in the "Anti-Zone" motion that accidentally deleted the January 1 "Safety Valve" clause that lets bids from the excluded zone file if no bids file before then from the included zones.

The correction to this should be simple enough, and I've drafted an amendment to put the accidentally deleted sentence back into the bylaws, in this case adding the sentence at the beginning of Section 3.6, thus: (new text underlined)

3.6 Provisions When No Valid Bids Are Received

If no eligible bids are received by the January 1st of the year of the site-selection balloting, then all sites defined in section 3.1 shall be eligible, except as provided in section 3.3. If no valid bids are received by the deadline in section 3.5, then all sites defined in section 3.1 shall be eligible and the other site restrictions in this article shall be suspended.

Anyone going to the Westercon Business Meeting this year who might want to co-sponsor what I hope is a non-controversial technical amendment should contact me before Wednesday afternoon, as I hope to print the agendas that evening so I can put them in with the Match Game material Lisa will be carrying with her to San Diego.
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