Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

My Minivan Ate My BayCon

My mechanic tells me that he thinks he'll be able to get my minivan running again (air-idle control valve or something like that; I was driving and couldn't write it down), but I can't get it back until late on Friday. This sort of scrambles up a bunch of my travel logistics, and on top of it all I have a bunch of extra auto expenses to pay including $41/day worth of rental car. So I've had to cancel my hotel reservation for BayCon in favor of staying just one more night (Friday) in the Roach Motel in Newark. I hope to be at BayCon for a while on Friday evening and Saturday morning, but I reckon I need to go home Saturday afternoon to try offset at least some of the extra expenses I've run up. This is particularly irritating with the long road trip to Spokane/Portland/Seaside coming up next week.

I guess I'm glad I wasn't actually booked into doing any specific things for anyone at BayCon this weekend. I apologize if anyone was counting on me for anything; I won't be around much, save parts of Friday evening and Saturday morning.
Tags: baycon, travel, van

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