Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Walking the Walk

Today was our day for tours of facilities at the Spokane Worldcon convention center and hotels.

Rocket-Shaped Convention Center
We started at the lobby at this end of the rocket-shaped (when viewed from above) Spokane Convention Center. From there, we walked through most of the convention facilities, finishing up in the main theatre where the Hugo Awards and Masquerade will be.

After the morning session in the convention center, we had a lunch break, followed by reconvening at the Historic Davenport Hotel, which is where the parties will be located.

This place is gorgeous. If Lisa and I did not need easy access to the Convention Center for the Business Meeting, we'd be trying to rebook into this hotel instead.

Regency Dance venue for @SasquanSF
This is the area on the second floor where the Regency Dance is scheduled to be held. The restoration of this historic hotel was done with an attempt to preserve as much of it as possible.

Even travelswithkuma likes this hotel best, what with them having fishes in the lobby.

I'm glad we came over and looked at the Davenport, because there's a very good chance that I'll never get over here during the convention itself, unless maybe if the Old Pharts Party is here, because I'll be too busy/tired during the day over at the Convention Center.

I have not had time to label and tag all of the photos I took today or yesterday yet, but I've put them in a Worldcon Spokane Preview album. I'm not sure when I'll find the time to properly comment this all. In addition, Lisa took lots of video as well (with the small camera), including a 16-minute walk from the Davenport to the Doubletree/Convention Center.

I'd write more, but we reconvene Sunday at 9 AM for our final sessions here in Spokane, and we really have to get some sleep.
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