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Portland Breakfast: Bob's Red Mill

This morning, we were up early, skipping the included breakfast at the hotel and driving over to collect Lisa's friend Scott from his overnight-shift job to go have breakfast at Bob's Red Mill Factory Store & Restaurant. Many people know of Bob's Red Mill brand foods, but not everyone knows that they have a factory store with a restaurant that serves things made with Bob's grains. We regretted not realizing that there was such a good place for breakfast in Portland until just before Lisa left Oregon, but now we take every opportunity we can to get breakfast here.

Bob's Red Mill
This is Bob's Red Mill store/restaurant. The factory is nearby, and tours are available.

Breakfast at Bob's
Scott had a waffle with blueberries. Lisa had 10-grain flapjacks. I was happy that my overnight blood sugar tested low enough that I could risk a single buckwheat flapjack as a side order on my steak and eggs. Everyone left happy.

After breakfast, we walked across the street to the Dave's Killer Bread factory store, where we bought bread for our week ahead of us in Seaside.

Portland Hotel View
Scott came with us back to the hotel, where we got one last look at the nice view of the river out the balcony before packing out of the hotel.

After a pleasant but all-too-short visit, we took Scott home (with luck he'll be able to come to Spokane and help Lisa with the production work on Match Game SF later this year), and headed for Seaside via Kelso/Longview, Washington.
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