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PNW Trip Stage 5B: Cathlamet to Seaside

As we passed through Astoria around 3:30 PM, the vacation-rental place in Seaside called to make sure we'd make it by 5 PM. I explained the missed ferry crossing, but since we were already in Astoria, it wouldn't be a problem for us to make to the agency before they closed. We arrived in good time, paid the balance on the condo, collected our keys, and drove to the Promenade Condominiums. As it happens, we arrived within ten minutes of the time the trip-planning software originally projected, so all of the issues canceled each other out.

Seaside Promenade
Here's the view from the balcony of our third-floor unit, looking out at the Seaside Promenade. The semi-circular area with the flagpole is the turn-around loop in downtown Seaside.

Seaside Vacation Condo
There is large living room; Lisa sort of felt like she was rattling around inside it. Nominally this place sleeps at least four in a one bedroom, two bath unit, as the sofa has a hide-a-bed in it. For two people and travelswithkuma, it's plenty spacious.

Seaside Condo
There's a full kitchen plus a dining area in the unit, and a washer/drier unit within the condo. (This is good because Lisa and I are nearly out of clean clothes.) The kitchen includes a dishwasher and a full set of dishes and pots and pans.

Seaside Condo
The master bathroom contains a large jetted tub plus a walk-in shower, and there is a separate full bathroom with a bathtub/shower. I put my stuff in that bathroom so I can get up in the morning to go to work (I'm working the Day Jobbe from the unit the next three days) without disturbing Lisa much.

It took a bit of work to get moved in, and the place was so stuffy from being closed up since its last occupant that we had to open all of the windows and allow the sea breeze to flush out the place, but eventually we got it comfortable. After settling down for a while, we drove back up to the Fred Meyer in Warrington and bought a lot (possibly too much) groceries. Some of the overstock included some things we've been having trouble getting in Nevada; conversely, some things we take for granted in Fernley seem uncommon out here on the Oregon coast.

I'm really looking forward to being here for the next week. I hope to get some actual relaxation done during a vacation, that being something I often neglect as we rush from one thing to another.

More photos of the condo, ferry crossings, etc. are available by clicking through the photos in this and the past two entries.
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