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Worth Its Salt

Yesterday after breakfast, I took a short break from Day Jobbe and walked down the Prom to the Lewis & Clark Salt Works.

Seaside Saltworks
This recreation (established in 1900 according to the nearby plaque) is apparently near the actual site of the salt-making works established by the 1805-06 Lewis & Clark expedition during their winter stay at Fort Clatsop. It probably would have been difficult a century later to find the precise site of the salt-makers temporary encampment.

Seaside Saltworks
The re-creation of the site is obviously nicer than the original temporary works, and of course it's surrounded by the city of Seaside.

There are plenty of places to walk here in Seaside, either up and down the Prom, along the beach, or through the streets of the town.
Tags: oregon, seaside, vacation

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