Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

On The Beach

Yesterday evening after dinner, I took a walk on the beach; the first time I've been down there since we got here despite it being just outside our front lawn here.

Seaside Sunset
Here's what the last of the sunset looked like. Visible here is one of many groups of people small and large who were enjoying campfires on the beach.

Seaside BeachfrontSeaside Beachfront
From just short of the low-tide line, I shot these two photos of the Seaside hotels, vacation condos, and resorts from north to south. The building on the far right in the first photo (partially cut off) is the Shilo Inn, and that's also the leftmost building in the second photo. The massive double building near the center of the second photo is the Worldmark Resort. The Seaside Condominiums where we're staying is the relatively small (five stories, four units per floor) building third from the right in the second photo.

I put in more than 14,500 steps yesterday, which probably explains why I slept so well last night.
Tags: oregon, seaside, vacation
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