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Saturday evening, Lisa and I engaged in one of our Seaside traditions: mini golf and bumper cars.

Ten Tiny Tees
Ten Tiny Tees is an indoor miniature golf course open only on the weekend afternoons and Saturday evenings at this time of year. Right after I took this shot, Lisa started off the ten-hole course with a hole in one, and things went downhill for me from there. She finished the course one over par and seven strokes ahead of me.

Ride the Skooter
Next it was time for a turn in the bumper cars. These are traditional old-fashioned bumper cars, built like tanks, and hard to find anymore.

It turns out that not every place in Seaside closes at 8 PM. Sam's Seaside Cafe is open until midnight every day, and serves a nice salmon burger.

After dinner it was getting plenty dark, but we decided to take a walk on the beach anyway. It was still light enough (partially with the lights from the Seaside beachfront properties) that we could see the ocean. It was low tide and we walked to the waterline. I was wearing my beach shoes that I got while in Australia, so I could even let my feet get wet.

Mysterious Beach Pipe
Along the way we found this mysterious-looking pipe, which doesn't show up well. (I said it was dark.) If we hadn't been to the Seaside Aquarium, we would not have known what it was. This is the seawater inlet to the Aquarium, originally built for when it was a "Natatorium" (salt-water baths) and now used to refresh the tanks of the wildlife kept in the aquarium.

With about 17K steps on the pedometer by the time we got back to the condo and got the sand washed out of my shoes with the hoses near the entry gate helpfully provided by the management (and dire warnings about extra fees for tracking sand into the units), we had no problem getting to sleep, other than complaining about sore feet and calf muscles.
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