Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Long Walk

When we got back to Seaside, we were pretty hungry, and went back to Sam's Seaside Cafe for more fishburgers. From there, we got ambitious and decided to walk the length of the Seaside Promenade.

South Prom at Seaside
The beach view from the south end of the Prom is quite a bit different from the views at the center near the Turnaround and the End of the Trail Monument. It looks a lot wilder from down here.

We walked back up to the turnaround and downtown, where we got our last dose of Zinger's Ice Cream. But that's a lot of sugar, so there was nothing for it but to walk to the north end of the Prom, then onto the beach and back up to the Turnaround via the beach.

Seaside Resorts in the Mist
From near the north end on the beach, I took this shot of the entire run of central Seaside hotels, vacation condos, and resorts.

Jellies in the Sand
Apparently there have been a lot of jellyfish washing ashore lately, including this moderately well-preserved one. These jellies don't have dangerous stings, but what I've read about this warns of walking barefoot around them or touching your eyes after handling them.

Elephant Ear
With roughly 15,000 steps under my pedometer on Sunday, many of them through sand, I very self-indulgently bought an elephant ear pastry from We're All Ears in downtown Seaside when we got back. These things are a kind of fried-dough pastry with cinnamon sugar on them, and I took an extra dose of my diabetes medication after eating this and before having dinner later.

It's been a good trip overall. Monday is the bonus day (rent six nights, get the seventh free), and I have to work at Day Jobbe, plus we need to start packing for an early departure on Tuesday.
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