Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sneaking in to the OERM

As I mentioned yesterday, we went by Powerland (in which the Oregon Electric Railway Museum is located), but it was closed. We did, however, walk in through the open gate to have a look at the museum at which Lisa used to be a volunteer.

OERM Station
This is the new interpretive center/museum/ticket office, built since we left Oregon. It is apparently built from a standard Southern Pacific station plan, which isn't exactly prototypical of the Oregon Electric Railway, which mostly followed the practice of its owner Spokane, Portland & Seattle and its parents (Great Northern/Northern Pacific).

Standing in front of the station is the museum's "Sydney Tram," the workhorse of their operational fleet. I have ridden this tram with Lisa at the controls in the past. (Not today! Besides, the power wasn't switched on.)

OERM Streetcar
On the tracks in front of the car barn were pieces of equipment we'd never seen before. A bit of online research turns up a link to a video of the streetcar in operation as a circulator tram at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando. A comment on the video says the car went to the National Capital Trolley Museum just north of Washington D.C. I don't know how it ended up in Oregon.

Belgian Streetcar
Speaking of not knowing how it got here, on the next track over were a pair of apparently Belgian streetcars.

OERM Streetcar
The prize goes to this hulk sitting at the end of track just inside the Powerland gates. The Powerland executive director came out and explained that this car was one of several that are refugees from a collection that was in danger of being completely lost, and that it had arrived just that morning. She said we could drive on back to the backshop in case any of the OERM volunteers were around, particularly Greg, with whom Lisa had good relations. We did so, but nobody was there, so we eased on out and on to our appointment with a gasoline spill at Pilot.

I apparently never properly organized any of my older photos at the OERM, but if you want to see the rest of the trolley photos from yesterday, including some more oddities, I created an Oregon Electric Railway Museum album in my Flickr account.
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