Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

PNW Trip Stage 7: Albany to Klamath Falls

With only 220 miles to drive today, we slept in slightly and took things relatively easy, dawdling over breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express Albany and otherwise not rushing. We had only one errand today, which was to stop at an RV salvage/supply place in Eugene to check for certain parts for the travel trailer and the Rolling Stone. We had limited success with this, but did pick up some routine items while we were there anyway simply to skip the sales tax.

Kool Kuma
It was then on to a lunch stop at Oakridge. While we were in the grocery store, travelswithkuma held Lisa's sunglasses for her.

"Kuma Bear looks like he's Too Cool for School," I said.

Kuma said, "Schools is for fishes, not for bears!"

We had lunch at the A&W in Oakridge. A&W root beer, even the diet type, tastes so much better in the frosted glass mugs.

The van started with some protest at Oakridge, so we considered it prudent to not stop the motor again unless absolutely necessary. Thus we pushed on to Chemult, where Lisa took a turn behind the wheel while I rested and drank the soda I'd bought at Oakridge (having the portable electric ice chest with us is so nice!), taking us down to the Collier Logging Park about which I've written before. They appear to have added exhibits and improved the walking trail, but we couldn't linger because of our concern about the van restarting, so we swapped back drivers and I continued onward.

Klamath Country
North of Klamath Falls I stopped to take this photo because I think there used to be a railroad here, running not along the valley as you'd expect but up this mountain. As in straight up it on an inclined plane. I've read a book about logging in the Klamath Country, and this mountain looks somewhat like a photo in the book of an inclined plane up and down which cars (and steam locomotives!) were hauled to do logging on the plateau above. I'll have to bring the book with me on a future trip to see if I find and match the equivalent location.

The only time we stopped the minivan's motor after our lunch stop in Oakridge was when we refueled at the Pilot station in Klamath Falls. The van restarted with only a minimal complaint there and within ten minutes we were at the Holiday Inn Express.

We have an errand to try and do tomorrow morning before leaving K-Falls: wash the van. The minivan is covered with sea salt spray, which can't be good for it. We tried to use a coin-op wash in Oakridge, but the silly people's bill changer was out of order and the wash bays only take quarters. We'll do it when we get home to Fernley if we have to do so, but I had really meant to do so the further north and west we were, because there's more water up this way.
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