Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Shallow Patriotism

While Lisa and I made an effort to stock up on things at Bi-Mart in Klamath Falls yesterday (cheaper prices and no sales tax), I ran across yet another item that to me shows the shallowness of the "patriotism" some of my fellow American have.

Shallow Patriotism
It's not the silly hat itself (I've worn lots of silly hats). It's that the hat (and indeed, most of the American flag-themed stuff on offer for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations) is made in China. As if the best way to celebrate that your country is #1 is to do yet another thing to undermine the economy of that country.

Caring about your country is more than just shouting "USA! USA! USA!"
Tags: politics

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