Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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Merrill Oregon Train Collection

Driving south from Klamath Falls, the last town in Oregon along OR-39 is Merrill. As we passed through, we saw off to our right a bunch of railroad equipment. We've seen this before but this time we decided to go see what was actually out there, if we could get to it.

Merrill Oregon Trains
Just off Merrill Street north of the tracks of the former Modoc line is an almost-buried-but-still-connected spur with a dirt road paralleling it. We carefully drove down the road and first encountered this Southern Pacific crane and outfit car (a former baggage car presumably converted to maintenance of way service). This seemed to be the best-preserved equipment on the property.

Merrill Oregon Trains
Most of the rest of the equipment appeared to be steam locomotives in various degrees of decay.

Merrill Oregon Trains
There were both rod locomotives and geared ones, like this one, in the collection.

Shasta View
Also on view here was this nice view of Mount Shasta, which is visible on clear days from the Klamath Falls area.

There are more photos on my Flickr feed; click through the photos above to see them.

From a placard attached to a locomotive and former passenger car on display in Klamath Falls near our hotel on the Oregon Pacific & Eastern trail (former railroad line that led from K-Falls into the logging country, now a public trail), this equipment appears to be part of a projected museum; however, it's obvious that there would be a ton of work before this collection of rusting parts could be much of an attraction for anyone except dedicated enthusiasts like Lisa and me.
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