Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Welcome to the Jungle

We left Fernley House unattended for two weeks, and there apparently were a series of thunderstorms that dropped a lot more water on Fernley than we normally get. That, combined with plentiful spring sunshine the rest of the time, led to a lot of foliage growth by local standards.

This is what our sidewalk and fence line looked like the day we got back home. It may not look like much, but nearly none of that growth was there when we left, as we'd spent some time trimming back weeds in May.

Lisa and I dug out a bunch of the growth on our side of the fence yesterday and today. Lisa also got out the blower and cleaned the walk. There's still work to do, and we'll have to tackle some of the growth of what I think are Russian Thistle (tumbleweeds) on the other side of the fence, because it's unlikely that the actual owner of that lot will do so, and it will be a considerable fire hazard come summer if we don't cut that growth back now.
Tags: fernley, house, lisa

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