Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hiding From the Sun

One of the places we stopped (briefly because we couldn't risk stopping the minivan's motor) in Salem was the Oregon Glove Company, which still makes gloves in Oregon. (Much of their product is now imported, alas.) I bought a pair of light-colored driving gloves, not because I'm driving some sort of zippy sports car where I need to grip the wheel, but to keep my hands from catching fire. I've always been sun-sensitive, but my high blood pressure medication is apparently exacerbating this. Even with SPF50 zinc-oxide sunscreen applied liberally, I was red-faced from sun exposure every day the sun was out on our Spokane-Seaside trip. My hands were burning as well, so I got the gloves to wear during sunny weather.

We're into a stretch of summer weather now, with no clouds and highs above 35°C, so I think I'll stay indoors a lot near the swamp cooler.
Tags: fernley, health, weather
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