Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon Schedule

Slightly differently formatted than the Conzilla Schedule, and including things of which I'm a part that are not necessarily listed with my name on them.
  • Friday 19:00: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres (Petco Park)
    Westercon Baseball Excursion Group
  • Saturday 14:00: Organizing a Con (Cabrillo 2)
    Bobbi Armbruster, Ed Green, Craig Miller, Nora Rankin
  • Sunday 10:00: Alternative Electoral Systems (Salon B)
    Scott Norton, Jefferson Swycaffer, Bill Taylor
  • Sunday 12:00: Westercon Business Meeting (2 hours if needed) (Salon A)
    Ed Green, Kevin Standlee
  • Sunday 14:00: Convention Traditions We No Longer Need (Cabrillo 2)
    Glenn Glazer, Scott Norton, Nora Rankin, Andy Trembley
  • Monday, 12:00: Westercon Business Meeting, Site Selection Session (Salon A)
    Ed Green, Kevin Standlee
  • Monday 15:00: Great Convention Mistakes! (Salon F)
    Bobbi Armbruster, Glenn Glazer, Val Ontell, jan howard finder
  • Tuesday 12:00: Match Game SF (2 hours) (Pavilion)
    Lynn Gold, Nancy Holder, Scott Norton, Nora Rankin, Kevin Roche, Andy Trembley
  • Tuesday 14:00: Dramatic Hugo Nominees: Lucas Back in Anger and Prix Victor Hugo (2 hours) (Pavillion)
    Kevin Standlee
Unfortunately, the showing of the two Dramatic Hugo nominees overlaps the Closing Ceremonies, and I wanted to be at the Closing Ceremonies. For that matter, it's going to affect how many people come to see LBIA. I was originally going to show Prix Victor Hugo first because it's only about 12 minutes long; however, with time at a premium, I guess I'll put LBIA first and show Prix only if there is anyone there left who wants to see it. The shorter piece can after all be downloaded from the Interaction Web Site.
Tags: hugo awards, westercon

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