Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Match Game at Westercon: Still On

We are still apparently scheduled to do three shows of Match Game SF at this year's Westercon in San Diego. However, a fair number of our regular panelists won't be there this year. I've asked Programming to fill in the gaps, but I'll also work with people who contact me directly.

In addition, we still need new questions. With so many games (and four questions per game), there's a good chance we'll be doing quite a few re-treads, which probably means it's just as well that many of the panelists will be new ones.

Yes, you too could be a panelist (or contestant) on fandom's wacky re-creation of the classic 1970s game show.

There will be prizes for everyone, even if it's only a Lovely Parting Gift.

If you want to contribute a question, you can write to my LJ handle and it should get to me, or also you can write to k a standlee and add an to the end and it will also reach me. Remember that Match Game questions aren't trivia questions with a single correct answer, but a fill-in-the-blank question with lots of possible replies, and that the object of the game is for the contestant to try and determine how the panelists filled the blank.
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Who is that skinny looking contestant. I've not seen him in the mirror for too long.

Seriously, if you need to, let us know if you'll need to drop a show.

I'll also make sure that this call is up on the web page and social media streams.
I thought you might appreciate that photo.

The only real constraint is the number of questions. If there's enough "new blood," it's not an issue because the questions won't be old.
I expect to be there, and would gladly join a panel or two.
How should I have Programming credit you and how do you want your name placard to read?
E-mail me if you would (address in the parent message) so I can give your particulars to Westercon Programming.
After our chat at BayCon, I've been working on questions. I will polish them up and send them to you and hopefully they will be useful.

If you never need a Nipsey Russell-esque poetry-creating panelist, I have done that at game show parties. It's a lot of fun. Alas, I'm not going to be at Norwescon...

- yeff
I'm happy to volunteer too.
Will contact you by e-mail. Thanks!