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Match Game at Westercon: Announcer & Assistants Needed

Match Game SF at Westercon has three planned shows:

Thursday 4 PM
Thursday 8:30 PM
Saturday 10:30 PM

Although it looks like we have the panelist situation under control, we still need help, because many of our "usual suspects" won't be in San Diego.

We need an Announcer. That's someone with a good strong radio voice who can read the opening and closing credits, introduce the contestants, and read the commercial messages in the between-games breaks.

We also need several Production Assistants. These people report to Lisa and do what she tells them to do, including collecting contestants' name sign-ups and helping contestants get their prizes.

WC66-MGSFPM-0706 (03)
Here, shown from our appearance in Sacramento is our announcer there (Eric Larson) and Lisa behind the sound board, with the game gear on the side table.

WC66-MGSFPM-0706 (02)
Production assistants help set up the tables and boards, string cables under Lisa's direction, and otherwise make the show run smoothly.

People working on the show get Lovely Parting Gifts automatically.

Write to me if you're interested.
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