Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Yam Who I Yam

Earlier today, I had called to my attention a claim of someone on Wikipedia claiming to be a Hugo Award winner. Looking at the entry, it seemed implausible, so I put in a query against the user asking the user to prove the claim or withdraw it. (A moderator has since removed the claim pending verification.) This drew the ire of certain people who immediately challenged whether I was the person I claimed to be, and also in another venue took advantage of my having not remembered to update my Wikipedia user profile the last time I was re-elected to the WSFS MPC to presumably claim that I was assuming authority I don't have.

Cap'n Kev at Work
Not only is this me, but it's approximately the way I dressed while presiding over one of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meetings last year in London, on account of I wore my WSFS captain's uniform from the 2005 Worldcon to the 2014 Worldcon Opening Ceremonies that were shortly before the MPC meeting. (And oboy do I need to lose weight.)

I've invited anyone questioning someone claiming to be me to contact the WSFS MPC or the current Worldcon to confirm my identity and position as an officer of the World Science Fiction Society.

I don't recall anyone ever falsely claiming to be a Hugo winner or finalist in the past. Considering how much disdain the person claimed to have for the Award, you have to wonder why the person would go to the effort to do so.
Tags: worldcon, wsfs
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