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Match Game: Fretting Over Setup

Because the laser printer on my desk at work is better than the ink-jet printer at home, I intended to print questions for Match Game SF today. Because it's mostly a different audience and all but one of the panelists are different from BayCon, I plan to re-use some of the questions (sorry figmo!); however, some of the questions were highly BayCon-specific and I need new ones. Wouldn't you know that I left the bag of existing questions at home? Oh, well, I was probably going to have to re-print all of the questions anyway, because I have no blank 4 x 6 cards left, only the larger 5 x 8 cards I bought this week, so in order for the new questions to match the old, they'll all have to be reprinted. I have the files of the questions from BayCon; what I don't have -- again, left at home -- is the stock of more questions that T.A.R.D.I.S. wrote and gave to me when they gave me their game setup years ago. I'll manage.

One thing I need is to get the panelists together for a relatively short (15-30 minutes if BayCon is any indication) run-through on how the game works and what's expected of them. Then Lisa, announcer David Gallaher, and I need to do a somewhat longer technical rehearsal so that Lisa and Dave can get get comfortable with the equipment and reading the intros. It may seem simple, but it took us quite a while at BayCon to get things synced properly. The reason it may have looked smooth when we performed it was because we'd rehearsed it. Doing a live show is more difficult than a taped one where if you glitch, you can just go back and film it again.

Unfortunately, I don't have contact information for all of the panelists, so I'm going to have to try and round them up somehow at the con. As if I didn't have enough to do!
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