Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

End of the Road

On Tuesday, we managed to get away from Fernley just before 4 PM. It was so hot that I burned my hand on the door handles as we finished packing. We made a brief stop in Fallon to grab some very late lunch and decided to keep driving while we ate (Lisa drove for a while, then we traded off) primarily so we could keep the minivan relatively cool, as the blistering sunshine quickly heats it up.

As we headed south, it started to cloud up, which helped with the worst of the sun, although it didn't cool down that much even when it rained intermittently. I'm not complaining about the rain! But I guess I must have called it down on us when I said I did not expect rain on our trip after we loaded the new cart Lisa built earlier this week. We got quite a bit of rain, actually. The lightning show on the drive down was spectacular, particularly a quintuple burst over Hawthorne.

End of the Road

For totient's benefit (see this comment yesterday), I post a picture of this sign at the other end of the road from the Massachusetts starting point, 3,200 miles west in Bishop.

With the long early summer days, we got to the Vagabond Inn before dark. We got in some drinks and refueled the van and ordered in a pizza, then tried to relax and get some sleep for the push to San Diego on Wednesday.

I'm glad the clouds parted long enough last night to see the Venus-Jupiter conjunction.
Tags: bishop, highways, travel, weather

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