Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

To San Diego via the Monsoon

I woke up ahead of my alarm on Wednesday morning, and we would have been really out ahead of schedule if I hadn't spent more time that I should reading my e-mail and commenting on web sites. Nevertheless, we got out of the hotel, had breakfast at Jake's in downtown Bishop, and were on the road two hours ahead of my originally planned schedule.

I drove the first stretch down to the rest area on US-395 south of Lone Pine, then Lisa drove the middle segment to the Pilot truck stop at I-15. There, the van's intermittent starting problem raised its head again. After refueling, it wouldn't restart. It wasn't difficult for Lisa to give the van a little push that let me coast it over to a parking space, and we gave it fifteen minutes to cool off, after which it restarted again. This is highly annoying because reproducing the problem required running it at full highway speed for hours, then shutting it down for only a few minutes.

Once we got started again at I-15, I drove the rest of the way. We pretty much held to the projected schedule (adjusted for leaving early), even with stop-and-go traffic around CA-60 for a long stretch, and we arrived at the hotel about 4 PM. It wouldn't have done us much good to have been any earlier, because our room wasn't ready anyway. We drove off-site to have dinner (we ended up at Joe's Crab Shack), came back and got our keys, and moved in to our room.

What I hadn't expected was that it would be raining much of today. I cannot really complain about the monsoonal moisture (any rain at all is welcome), but it means that San Diego is way more humid than we expected, and we are pretty hot and sticky.

The Town & Country where Westercon is being held is so spread out that it's posing a lot of logistical challenges for us doing Match Game SF, particularly because our two shows tomorrow are in two different rooms, with roughly a two hour break between them. We thought we'd come up with a brilliant plan to park my van outside of the room where the first show is on Thursday. Unfortunately, I then remembered that I'm collecting lindadee from the airport tomorrow and therefore it would do no good to pre-stage the van tonight. We can only hope that we can make things work by parking outside the building where the first show is happening and wrestle our gear into place, then move it all back out again in to the van, then move it again a couple of hours later for the evening show, then store it once again until Saturday night.

The cart Lisa built helps enormously (and seems to have held up under the rain better than we feared), but it still takes three loads of cart to move the show gear.
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