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Match Game: Score Indicators

Because I have access to a color printer that will handle the 5 x 8 card stock, I am going to create new, larger, color images of the score indicators. In the existing set (used at BayCon), the images are black and white on 4 x 6 cards. These are larger, and somewhat closer to the actual game design, although I can't find enough references for me to match the colors and typefaces as well as I would like, so I've settled on just making the numbers very bold and readable.

The black border around the image is an artifact of how it exported from PowerPoint. The actual background is white, not black. Despite how it appears here, as printed the images are both the same size; that is, the blue shaded area is 4 3/8 inches wide by 3 3/8 inches high.

The top point of the triangle touches the top edge of the shaded square. This is intentional, and is part of the original set design. Experimenting with this, I think they did it this way because otherwise it's difficult to keep the numbers for the triangle the same size as those in the circle. When printed on white stock and with the black areas actually printing as white, this looks reasonably close to the original design -- roughly as close as they got it on Gameshow Marathon.

What I did not do is reproduce the row of triangles (or circles) across the top of the score indicator. I decided that keeping the number as large as possible was more important than trying to precisely match the original.

One improvement these cards have over the previous set is that they are printed symmetrically; that is, the contestant can see his/her own score facing back at him/her.
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