Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lost Hat

As we were finishing the final load of packing of our hotel room into the minivan and getting ready to check out of the Town & Country at Westercon, I said, "Where's my hat?" That's my Jacaru Australian hat, itself the replacement for the one I bought in Australia and wore out. The hat is gone. The window of time during which I could have lost it is small. Lisa and I both remember me wearing it back from dinner last night (we checked with the restaurant anyway; no luck), and I thought I took it back to the hotel room, then came back down to the Dead Dog gathering later without my hat. The hat was not in the room; we checked thoroughly. It was not in the Con Suite. The front desk when I checked out checked with lost and found: no luck. We gave up and left, 45 minutes behind schedule.

Bishop is a pretty long drive, but we did get there a bit after 7 PM. We got a pizza from the Pizza Factory two doors down and tried to take it easy, despite my having computer problems (more about that later). It finally dawned on me where I probably left my hat: in the hotel restaurant where we had breakfast. It wasn't in Lost & Found because it was too soon. I tried calling the T&C, but it's too late at night. I'll call them tomorrow. Hopefully they can mail my hat back to me. I like that hat. I wish we'd figured that out sooner, though.
Tags: hat, westercon

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