Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Water Discipline

We just got the water bill for June. We were gone for most of the first two weeks of the month and turned the water off entirely at the main because we have nothing that should be using water while we are gone. I'm pleased to see that our bill is for what amounts to the lowest amount we could possibly be billed without being totally gone the entire month: 1 unit, which is 1,000 gallons. (They only bill in 1 kgal units, so I reckon even one drop counts as one unit). We'll have more this month despite having been gone for a week because the swamp coolers (two of them) use water, but I still think we're doing a decent job of conservation here. And we're really happy that Lisa found that leak when it came to the surface. Another reason we turn the main water off when we go off on a long trip is that we don't want to come back to find a watery surprise like an undermined foundation.
Tags: fernley, house, water

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